Who’s on your Support Team? The role of support in being successful

Over many years as a business coach, Jen Harwood started to notice what was different between businesses that were very successful, and those that barely survived or even failed. In her acclaimed book, The Greatness Principle, Jen takes you on a journey to discover that the biggest difference is the support network you create to help you be ‘great’.

This hands-on workshop will be led by Greatness Principle Facilitator, Liz Grant, and will help you:

  • Understand the importance of a support team and who should be on it
  • Identify who is already supporting you and who else you need
  • Be aware of when you’re behaving like a ‘lone wolf’ and need additional support.
  • About the speaker, Liz Grant

    Liz loves the ‘business of business’ and has more than 30 years’ experience in helping businesses achieve significant growth through customer experience research and design, process and business model design, content and digital marketing, financial structuring and leading people.

    Liz is an experienced business mentor and trainer for both start-ups and scale-ups. She is a skilled customer experience researcher, facilitator, designer and trainer and has qualifications in business, finance, training, and Neuro Linguistic Programming. Liz has worked in a range of industries including retail, communications, finance, property, logistics, training, mining, personal services, professional services, membership services and not-for-profits. And she has worked with some of Australia’s more prominent companies including the NAB, Australia Post and Macquarie Bank, as well as many small and medium businesses.

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    This event is part of the Kind Island Small Business Month and supported by Kind Island Economic Development

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