‘To see everybody win’: Omaha woman determined to help others find career success

a person posing for a picture: racuqel henderson works to help people find job opportunities © KETV racuqel henderson works to help people find job opportunities

Racquel Henderson said awareness and accessibility are keys to getting more women in the workforce.

She also knows firsthand how difficult landing a job can be. That’s why she spends most of her time helping those around her find job opportunities.

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Almost everything Henderson does for a living involves helping people reach their goals.

Henderson’s goal is “just to see everybody win, in spite of… no matter what.”

At the Metro Community College Fort Omaha campus, Henderson works as a Success Navigator with a variety of people, including first-generation college students.

“I see myself in a lot of the students that I serve,” she said.

Through the nonprofit Black and Pink, Henderson helps people re-entering the workforce find employment and education.

“I was there, I know what it’s like to feel hopeless, to not have a resource, to not have anyone to even ask for help,” she said.

She’s grateful to hold a bachelor’s degree and do meaningful work after a rough past.

“I was homeless, I was a victim of domestic violence, sexual assault,” Henderson said.

She said spending time in prison is part of what makes her the person she is today.

“I also know that aspect of how hard it is, trying to find employment, sustainable career employment with background issues, not being able to pass a background check,” she said.

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Henderson can only imagine how hard it must be for those with criminal records to find work when there’s a global pandemic looming over them too.

“Having to do sometimes, interviews virtually, not having access to computers, Wi-Fi, internet, a laptop, different things like that,” she said. “Not being able to go to the places in the community that have those resources for free, due to the pandemic.”

In order to have an economy with a strong workforce, Henderson said there needs to be more awareness about resources and second chances too.

“I feel that when people know better, they do better,” Henderson said. “When they know about the resources, the jobs, the opportunities, nine times out of 10 they’ll take them and they’ll use them and they’ll become better and better their lives.”

Henderson has more than 7,000 followers on her Facebook. Her posts include information on job openings, certification programs and more.


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