Tips for building a resilient business

The pandemic: Tips for business resilience

The resilience that the business has built up over the years was severely tested by the outbreak of Covid-19.

Simon explains: “It was a frightening time. You want to reassure staff that it’s all OK. We had essential worker status which helped, but of course, no matter what sort of germs and bugs our teams were used to dealing with as part of the normal job, this was something very, very different.”

Despite almost all businesses closing, DCW still had work, but income fell by 60%.

“No one knew how long it was going to last, how bad Covid-19 was going to be. Initially, we furloughed 50 staff. We’ve got a fleet of eight trucks just for food and glass and they were stationary because hospitality shut.

“Crucially, we didn’t mothball the vehicles, we kept them roadworthy and ready to go for when things picked up again.”

Being prepared paid dividends. As soon as demand picked up, DCW were ready to deliver – or more accurately – collect, where others could not. Simon: “As it turned out, we only had one week without making a profit.”

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