Timothy Bratz’s Real Estate Expertise Has Made Him One of the Best Coaches in the Industry

Most people are born with a single talent but it’s unique when someone has several. Being able to thrive in America’s real estate market is a serious accomplishment. Some people, however, want more — enter Timothy Bratz — someone who not only created a real estate empire but also uses his gifts as a leader to educate others.

Timothy was born in Cleveland, Ohio and moved to New York City after college, and just a year later moved to Charleston, South Carolina in 2008. Timothy was motivated by money as he grew up, but not just the idea of money.  He was inspired by all the positive changes he could bring about with it, such as helping people, preserving natural resources, and making a difference.

At the age of 23, while in Charleston, Timothy bought his first property and started to grow his real estate portfolio. At the age of 27 after exhausting his savings trying to pursue new businesses in unproven industries, he gravitated back to real estate.  In 2015, by the time he was 30, Timothy increased his real estate portfolio to 140 rental units.

Due to a sour partnership, he was forced to liquidate that portfolio altogether. From there on, Timothy’s leadership abilities started to kick in. He assembled a team and started growing his real estate portfolio from the ground up again.

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Soon, his efforts started to pay off. Timothy flipped anywhere from 80 to 100 houses and managed to build one of the largest residential property management companies in Cleveland.  Timothy then turned his attention to apartments and launched Legacy Wealth Holdings.  He saw massive growth and returns and continued to work exclusively with multifamily and commercial real estate.  By the time he was 35, his portfolio consisted of an amazing 4,000 rental units valued well over $400 million.

He has been a mentor for real estate investors from Canada, Australia, the UK, and other countries. Timothy was approached by entrepreneurs as he shared his journey over social media, everyone asking him for coaching and tips. To cater to them, he started his 2-day bootcamp; Commercial Empire (CommercialEmpire.com).

Timothy still wanted to pass down the knowledge of his success. To educate young minds with these crucial ideas of achievement and philosophies of leadership, he started a children’s book series in 2020 called Little Legacy Library.

As a young entrepreneur, not many people believed in him, and Timothy had to struggle during those early years. It was not easy.  But Timothy was inspired from a young age by his father who always worked three different jobs to be sure the family was taken care of.  Timothy was instilled with those values and is committed to passing those values on to the next generation.

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