The simple approach that’s helping SME leaders have a more successful business….and a better quality of life!

Imagine if there was a proven hack that allowed you have a better quality life….and be more effective in running your business?

Now imagine consistently solid results without the grind and effort you’d previously envisaged?

It’s possible. Very possible.

Novellist William Gibson once wrote

“the future is already here; it’s just not very evenly distributed”

I’ve seen this first-hand from the results of a recent online and email survey to SME leaders in Ireland and the UK asking them

“What % of your team would you consider consistent high-performers??”.

The most popular answer?


Supporting Pareto’s Law it’s clear that 80% of your results may well hinge on the performance of 20% of your people. And therein lies the approach to improving quality of life and accelerated business success. It’s hiding in the wide open.

The obvious benefits of a less stressed lifestyle and reward for all your hard work are within grasp.

But not by focusing on ‘what’ your people are doing every day.

The simple hack is to focus on their ‘how’…..or, to be more precise, improving their ‘how’…..and your own.

In short, this means a focus on your ability; more accurately, your ‘performability’. Their ability to access high-performance every day and week.

Let me explain.

I see Performance as being a simple equation.

Performance = Capability x Ability.

Capability is the person’s potential as a result of natural talent allied with their professional training and the role-coaching they receive.

However, as in the world of sports performance with athletes and sports-players, performance is governed by their ability to access their capability.

That is, how readily they can access levels of high-performance every day and week. Just as capability is a learned and honed skill so too is ‘performability’.

Performability is governed by some simple, measurable habits that people, in general, take for granted.

A simple example is taking a very talented manager (perhaps a likely successor for a top role) and asking them ‘Give me a mark out-of-10 on how you feel today?’. A normal answer is in the order of “6-out-of-10”. Not bad, but therein lies the issue. It’s rare that somebody can outperform their perception of their state or how they feel i.e. feeling 6-out-of-10 will lead, at best, to the performance that will give results that you’d rate 6-out-of-10.

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Now extrapolate this across your entire team and over weeks and months.

No matter the talent, no matter the capability, no matter the training, 80% of people are driving with their foot on the accelerator and brake at the same time.

There is a successful strategy though and it’s helping SME leaders enjoy more success with the same effort.

The path to consistent high-performance for your and your team? The path to moving from “6-out-of-10” status to a more rewarding state of being?

High-Performance habits. Knowing them and knowing how to leverage them.

We’ve seen it clearly with the CONNECT 3S high-performance principles that form the bedrock of great individual and collective results.

For example, take one of the 3S Principles – Sleep.

We know that 60%+ of SME leaders, for example, are not getting adequate quantity and quality of sleep. “But what’s that got to do with executive performance??” is a common push-back.

Simple. Our sleep quality and quantity dictates, largely, our restoration and recovery levels and where our ‘body resource battery’ sits every morning. If we’re not getting adequate restoration on a daily basis this manifests in how we feel which pipes into our ability to express our capability and, ultimately, our outcomes and results.

So presenting you and your people with a scientific and individualised measurement of sleep quantity and quality addresses the very root of one major high-performance blocker – and now you are leveraging reliable performance science to ensure they are well versed in being self-sufficient in terms of a key high-performance habit. Addressing just this one of the 3S alone has been shown to increase performance and productivity levels. As a bonus, it also helps to address increasingly common issues like burnout that prove very costly.

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Obvious as it sounds the saying “if you want carrots, you have to plant carrots” is so applicable in terms of driving your performance and that of those around you. And improved performance leads to improved effectiveness and all the professional and personal benefits that flow from that.

Business progression is reliant on consistent results.

Great results rely on consistent high-performance.

High-Performance relies on the ability to access your capability.

Smart leaders know their personal performance is an important part of their sustained success; they also know that the main part is the performance of the people they lead.

Understanding & actioning this is a business & lifestyle accelerant.

Paul Clarke operates CONNECT Performance. He specialises in working with SME leaders/leadership to help them connect with improved personal performance. CONNECT’s proven “9-To-Thrive” strategy leverages science and data to implement an individualised solution that moves people along the learning curve and empowers them to understand the drivers and blockers of daily high-performance. Quite quickly you progress towards better performance and results; high-performance becomes your better normal.

If you have a feeling that your ability to access high-performance levels could improve then we’ll have an interesting chat.

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