The Block contestants reveal their real estate videos

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The Block contestants unveiled their real estate videos during Tuesday’s episode of the hit renovation show.

Faves Ronnie and Georgia Caceres sold their property as being high-class luxury, perfect for a kids-free date night.

‘Let me tell you, it was an amazing video,’ Ronnie later said, before cheekily adding, ‘Probably the best four-and-a-half minutes that we’ve ever done.’ 

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Mitch Edwards and Mark McKie promoted their house as being so enticing, they never wanted to leave.

‘Mitchy, it’s time to go,’ Mark told his partner, craning his head into the home’s steam room, where Mitch was seated in a towel.

‘I’m not leaving,’ he responded.

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Meanwhile, Tanya and Vito Guccione opted for a retro-inspired video, which saw them sipping on martinis. 

Josh and Luke Packham went for simplicity, with a voiceover actor narrating their real estate video.

‘Imagine living your life exactly the way you want it… Two blokes are bringing that imagination to life,’ they said, before cutting to a montage of the twins walking down the street and building the property. 

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Added Josh later on: ‘They seemed to like the video… It was short. We didn’t talk in it. One way to lose the crowd, blabber on.’ 

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Kirsty Lee Akers and Jesse Anderson enlisted some of their famous friends, with INXS rocker Andrew Farriss, singer Dami Im and tenor David Hobson all making cameo appearances in their real estate video.

Meanwhile, Mitch and Mark admitted they were disappointed that Kirsty and Jesse hadn’t introduced them to Dami, 32, revealing they’re huge fans.

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‘We love Dami Im!’ confessed Mitch, with the two men admitting they had no idea she’d even visited The Block.

Ultimately, Ronnie and Georgia won the video challenge, scoring $10,000 in cash and three bonus points. 

The Block continues Wednesday at 7.30pm on Channel Nine 

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