Success of Deeplish summer playscheme

Date published: 02 September 2021

Deeplish Playscheme - children with their artwork

Deeplish Playscheme – children with their artwork

This year’s summer playscheme at Deeplish Community Centre has entertained over 150 children.

Across five weeks of the summer holidays, children were provided with a stimulating and interactive programme of activities including indoors sports and games; outdoor challenges; visits to country parks like Hollingworth Lake, Heaton Park and Tandle Hill; enjoying circus skills and arts and crafts workshops, plus picnics in the centre’s garden area.

Participating children also worked with the neighbourhood community police team to understand safety, protection of the public, policing roles and responsibilities as well as what to do in case of an emergency.

YourTrust (formerly Link4Life)¬†taught the children about healthy eating and nutrition. They also learned about hygiene and infection control, including the impact of Covid-19 on children’s lives.

All children who participated in the summer programme received a certificate.

Centre manager Sohail Ahmad described this year’s programme as ‘a huge success in a challenging time’.

He said: “It has been very rewarding to see children and young people participate in well-being activities in such a safe supportive and friendly environment.

“I am really proud of volunteers’ efforts and their care and work with every child in the playscheme and I am pleased to see such positive and encouraging remarks and feedback from parents.

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“We look forward to welcoming everyone again in our next programme of playscheme. This year was crucial and very important after restrictions and lock downs, as many families were unable to travel inside or outside the country due to fear of coronavirus, but we saw every child was best trained to participate in a Covid-compliant environment.

“We thank our funders, supporters and volunteers in supporting us with the opportunity to reach out to so many children and young people. It was an excellent programme of activities delivered which made every child happy and active. We are pleased with this success and achievement.”

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