Real Estate Expert Brosnan C. Hoban Emphasizes On Adapting to New Changes

“In life, change is inevitable. In business, change is vital.”-Warren G. Bennis.

There is no doubt that change is transformational. You will need to adjust yourself at some point in life to either drop your old habits or acquire new skills. It is a phase that everyone has to undergo in their lives at some point, but the majority find it uncomfortable. No one wants to change but it is inevitable and vital for survival.

Commercial real estate expert Brosnan C. Hoban strongly advocates embracing change in every situation. Brosnan shares the thought that change is vital and emphasizes the importance of adapting to new challenges. Brosnan is one of the successful real estate entrepreneurs with a successful career in the field. His commercial real estate expertise has afforded him the opportunity to be selected to join the Forbes Business Council and the Entrepreneur Leadership Network.

Throughout his real estate career, Brosnan has conquered many challenges. His real estate career is built on sheer determination and hard work and being able to adapt as the times change. Brosnan has always believed in taking advantage of the trends in real estate and being up-to-date with the needs and requirements of buyers and sellers.

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The COVID pandemic in 2020 was one of the most challenging phases for the global economy, with real estate not being spared. Brosnan terms it as the biggest challenge he’s faced in his career and one that has pushed him to the limits. According to him, it’s one of the rare moments in life where everyone is mandated to change and adapt to a new way of life. From the way business is done to the social interaction, Brosnan reflects COVID as the most significant disrupter of life that the human race has witnessed in decades. But like any other challenge, Brosnan says there are many changes during the pandemic that the business world had to accept.

As the world continues to heal from the pandemic, Brosnan has taken numerous lessons to heart. One of the greatest takeaways from the entire experience is the importance of adapting to new challenges. COVID came as a shock to many, especially those who are not flexible, leaving them with no alternatives but to adapt. For instance, Brosnan compares how the real estate industry was slow to shift to the online space but later transitioned when it mattered most. The quicker you adapt to change the better off you and your business will be. Those that find solutions quickly and do not resist change will be the ones who will continue to flourish.

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Except for adaptability and change, Brosnan says that the pandemic also taught him that people are more important than money.

“The pandemic truly opened my eyes, seeing businesses/ individuals struggle to open. It puts things into perspective for me. That’s why I am proud of how I handled it. Giving my tenants discounts and some months off goes a long way.” Says Brosnan.

Moving forward, Brosnan is keen to expand his business into rental properties and the residential side of real estate.

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