Poles are eager to invest in real estate, although these may be risky

Real estate is enjoying great popularity and is still growing – despite high apartment prices, which are also going up. Moreover, the introduction of the Polish Deal may support the real estate market, for example by easing restrictions on potential buyers. However, real estate investments are also associated with high risk due to the uncertain situation in the housing market. An alternative may be, for example, investments in renewable energy sources. On the other hand, economists suggest that it is important to approach investing holistically – by following economic trends and the general situation in the country. That is why it is so difficult to identify an investment that will bring a profit.

“We are currently seeing the potential for real estate prices to rise. Demand for housing remains strong, given the low-interest rates and the low attractiveness of bank deposits,” Grzegorz Sielewicz, chief economist at Coface, noted.

“This investment direction is very popular – even though it may be risky due to the possibility of flat prices normalizing or even falling. Besides, the fact that the prices of building materials continue to rise, additionally proves that investing in real estate in the next months may not be so interesting, but the demand for housing itself will remain. So what is worth investing in? The answer to this question is not clear-cut. In my opinion, the subject should be very diversified. especially in those companies that will benefit from the current economic situation. We are talking about technology companies, of course appropriately selected. In particular, one should pay attention to case-by-case investing or entrusting funds to specialist investment funds,” Sielewicz added.

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