Luxury real estate is increasingly sold off-market

We have had a very good situation in the real estate market in Poland for several years. Prices are rising, and developers are selling record numbers of apartments. There is a lot of money released from bank deposits on the market, which is no longer profitable. People invest funds in real estate to best protect their value against rising inflation. The sales dynamics are very high. Nevertheless, as is evident from the observations of real estate advisors who serve the most affluent clients, most of them buy real estate for their own needs, not for investment purposes. Despite such high activity of developers, there are not so many offers on the premium market. It is similar to the secondary market, where the supply of luxury offers is very limited. This presents a serious challenge for buyers and opens up huge opportunities for sellers.

Premium customers rarely look for offers on their own and they also rarely spend their time browsing portals. The mere presence of a given offer on portals with a lot of other offers makes it lose its attractiveness. What attracts the attention of wealthy customers is inaccessibility. They are looking for what not everyone can have. They feel best when someone offers something exclusively to them. What appeals to them the most is a call from a trusted real estate advisor with the information that he has an off-market offer for him. A property that is not yet put up for sale to the public with a unique opportunity to see it in front of others. In return for such an opportunity, they are ready to make decisions faster and negotiate the price less frequently.

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As reported by Maria Góralczyk, Partner Lions Estate and a favorite advisor to wealthy clients, nothing arouses interest like unavailability.

“Nothing evokes such emotions as a unique chance to get something that others cannot have,” Maria Góralczyk emphasizes.

When it comes to off-market offers in the Warsaw market, apartments, villas and stylish and historic apartments in tenement houses are particularly popular. These are top-shelf properties in the most prestigious buildings, in unique locations, often with spacious terraces with a breathtaking view of the panorama of Warsaw, greenery, or Warsaw monuments. When it comes to luxury apartments, most of the exclusive offers are located in Śródmieście and Stary Mokotów. There are also offers in other desirable locations, such as Stara Ochota, Stary Żoliborz, or Saska Kępa. Off-market villas and residences are located in various locations in Warsaw and its vicinity.


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