Local businesses see Instagram as key ingredient for success

AMMAN — An “Instagrammable” atmosphere has become essential for the success of local businesses in Jordan and around the world, according to local business owners.

A number of business owners told The Jordan Times that they have been trying to make their shops easily photographable to suit their customers’ Instagrams.

“Now, store owners in Jordan concentrate on the smallest details, to create an unforgettable experience for their customers,” said Hala Abdullah, the owner of a clothing shop in Amman.

Baha’a Taim, a restaurant employee, told The Jordan Times that he and his coworkers are always aiming to keep up an aesthetically pleasing environment to incentivise customers to use Instagram. 

Abeer Abed, a young interior designer, said that most of her customers ask for designs that could inspire an Instagram post.

She noted that when business owners start designing their stores’ layout, they have Instagram in mind, to help their work succeed in today’s social media era. 

“Instagram has become a very important ingredient for the success of many businesses,” said Taima Fares, who works in the marketing industry.

When people enjoy their experience, they are likely to share it using Instagram, adding that Instagram is “an extremely powerful marketing channel”. 

Fares also said that Instagram is more than just a platform for sharing eye-catching photos and videos, but helps businesses boost sales and make their products more relatable. 

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