Kim Kardashian bought real estate rights from her ex-husband – News-24

The deal cost $ 20 million. Now rapper Kanye West has to give Kim their shared home they once lived in.

After the divorce from the musician, the model realized that she did not want to move somewhere. Therefore, Kim Kardashian decided to simply buy out the property from the ex-spouse. It cost her a pretty penny. So, under the terms of the deal, the artist paid her ex-husband a cosmic sum – $ 20 million. After signing the document, the model became the legal owner of their common home. According to Kim Kardashian, she plans to live in it with her children.

According to the documents, the house was registered in Kanye West. The rapper wanted to be the sole owner of the property. After a divorce from his wife, the musician moved to another place. Kim Kardashian stayed in the house with her children.

After much deliberation, the model realized that she needed to legally secure her right to own real estate. To do this, she had to buy the house from her ex-husband. In her opinion, this guarantees a peaceful future for her and the children.

By the way, the divorce of West and Kardashian became known in February this year. Their marriage “lived” for seven years. The model gave her husband four wonderful children. However, even this did not save their marriage from collapse.

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