How these savvy entrepreneurs made their garden office business a success

Kieron Summerhayes and business partner Matthew Wozniak

Like thousands of parents across the country, Kieron Summerhayes struggled to juggle running his business from home while his children were running around the house.

The 43-year-old, from West London, who runs an events and exhibition company, was getting frustrated with having to do his paperwork in the kitchen – and clear it all away before dinner time.

So with his business partner Matthew Wozniak, the duo decided to pivot their skills, and launch My Retreat Garden Rooms, offering bespoke garden rooms.

Kieron said: ‘We were sitting trying to do our work with kids running around, like everyone else in the country, realising how impossible it was when the kids finished school at 3.30pm – this is when the schools were open.

‘I said if only I had a garden room – it would be the shortest commute ever, but I could have all my stuff in there, and leave it all out rather than have to tidy it away when the kids get home.

‘We’ve got a great team of builders that we’ve worked with for a number of years that built a lot of features at our exhibitions.

‘So I approached them about a garden room business. One of the things we wanted to focus on above everything else was making sure the customer service was right.’

Kieron and Matthew put together a business plan, and came up with three contemporary designs, with prices starting from £22,500. 

Their website was launched in November 2020, and by the following month they had their first sale. Fast-forward to today, and they’ve built 24 buildings in their local area.

‘We’re doing brilliantly well. We’re an all-British team. We sit with the customer to understand exactly what they want, because although we offer three models, all our rooms are bespoke, so far every single one has been different.

Kieron says: ‘Ad Manager was easy to use and to keep on track of and we will definitely use the platform again in the future.’

‘We’ve done everything from garden rooms that are housing swim spas and hot tubs, play rooms and an amazing gym, made out of all different materials.

‘And we built a showroom in Addlestone, Surrey, as we felt it was important to have something for people to come and have a look at.’

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Kieron and Matthew used Ad Manager to promote their business, My Retreat Garden Rooms HOW AD MANAGER WORKS

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MailOnline's new Ad Manager advertising platform is ideal for SMEs who want to reach a large, but targeted audience of thousands of potential customers. Behind The Business

Keiron Summerhayes and Matt Wozniak had worked together for different brands for 20 years before deciding to start their own business together.

They both left their careers in March 2020 to start an events and exhibition company called The Event Lab – just as the pandemic hit.

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Fortunately, they still had clients they were working with, and financially things were ‘ticking over’ but they knew it would be a good time to pivot their skills. So they launched My Retreat Garden Rooms [], offering bespoke designs.

‘I’d left my job in advertising in March 2020 to set up an events company with Matt, when the pandemic really kicked off. So it was spectacular timing!

‘I’ve always done sales and marketing and he’s always done the delivery side of it, that’s why the partnership works so well. 

Kieron says: ‘We’re really pleased with how well it’s done’.

‘We were lucky as we still had clients we were working with but the events couldn’t happen.

‘We were OK financially and we were still doing a lot of planning work with other companies so we were ticking over.

‘But while we had the headspace that lockdown afforded us, we wanted to know how we could pivot the business. No one knew how long it was going to go on for, they said events were going to be coming back from January 2021, but we were planning for what if it doesn’t.

‘You never know what is around the corner. So we thought having two businesses that are very similar, as all the skills we have as a team were fully transferable to the garden room business, would be a pivot that worked quite well.’

Although the idea of working on a similar project had been mooted before, Kieron says it was given ‘serious thought’ when faced with the reality of working from home with three children.

‘We looked at what type of business we wanted to be, and put a business plan in place about where we wanted to be in three years time, and worked backwards from that,’ Kieron said.

‘We were very specific about picking a local area, not taking over the world as we’re a relatively small team, so we didn’t want to be travelling all over the country just yet.

‘And we didn’t want to be all things to all people, and our prices reflect that.

‘We’re really pleased with how well it’s done – we’re now getting more unusual requests, such as high roofs, trapezium shaped rooms, and ones that are sunk into the ground, so it’s definitely keeping us all interested!’

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