How a NGO can Increase the Chances of it’s Success with CSR Funding

How a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) can Increase the Chances of it’s Success with CSR Funding

Many NGOs are working at the grassroots level to provide actual benefits to society, but only a small percentage of them are able to obtain CSR funds. The fact that NGOs are unable to adequately present their projects and what they do, as well as the fact that they have limited access to CSR funds, are all major reasons why a huge number of NGOs are not receiving CSR funds. A well-prepared proposal document presented to a large number of corporates through innovative CSR platforms like at the same time has the best chance of receiving CSR funds.

NGOs and CSR

NGOs that have received CSR funds have many great advantages over a number of organizations that do not receive CSR funds. If an Organization focused on social development projects gets CSR funding, the results increases significantly. If a NGO in a remote village does not have any resources to help children receive schooling, if that organization is not given the opportunity to receive funds from a corporate, then that organization’s chances of assisting children to receive education decrease exponentially.


Why are NGOs not getting CSR funding?

In my opinion, the main reason is that most NGOs can not clearly present the impact of the project on society, cost benefit in a CSR proposal to corporates. They are unable to provide a comprehensive list of how their proposed project can contribute to the betterment of society, which is why they are unable to convince corporates to partner in the projects that they are working on. Another reason that causes NGOs to be rejected for funding is that they lack proper knowledge of what CSR means. Most NGOs have worked on specific programs for so many years that they have lost clarity on how their projects can contribute to the betterment of society and to the extent how they can benefit from CSR funds. Most NGOs do not have the right medium to approach large number of corporates for CSR funds.

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How can a NGO increase their chances of getting CSR funding?

There are three major areas that need to be worked upon to gain access to the CSR funds of corporates:

Quality of Projects

Sustainability of Projects

Visibility of Project to Corporates

A good project proposal can help the NGO win the approval of the board of directors of the project’s sponsoring corporate. It could prove to be the ace up its sleeve. The CSR proposal should provide details of the project and details of the organization’s achievements. It is advisable to highlight the NGOs achievements in terms of activities, programs and how many. The proposal should also include a note about how the proposed project will impact society and financial information about the project.

As you are ready with your CSR proposal, the important question that comes to mind is which company to approach and how to approach, as project visibility to many corporates has a higher probability of getting CSR funds for implementation. Here comes a platform like, which got startup recognition for its innovative solutions to such problems. You can register with and add your project to get visibility to many corporates simultaneously.

Support from Finance Professionals

A finance professional can make a huge difference in making a CSR proposal by providing input to make it presentable. As finance professionals are often involved in projects that are directly related to their day-to-day life and businesses, they are perfectly placed to review the project. “To be able to effectively increase your chances of getting funding for your project, you need to properly outline the project in detail.” Finance professionals can also help with obtaining CSR registration number from the government, registering an NGO with, adding NGO projects to the platform, providing higher visibility.

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As an NGO, it is crucial that you seek funding to achieve your goals. The best way to increase the chances of getting funding is by the use of the right communication strategies and by presenting your project in the right way. It’s better to use dedicated communication solutions like

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