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One of the biggest hurdles for all entrepreneurs is simply starting your business. You have a decent idea of what you want to do but you don’t have the capital, or you’re not sure what your state’s business rules are, or you don’t know how to get your initial customers. Starting a business is hard, and no two entrepreneurial stories are the same. There’s no “right” way to start, precisely. And that’s why Starter Story can be so useful.

Valued at $1,612, a Starter Story – Business Case Studies & Stories Lifetime Subscription is on sale for only $99.99 for a limited time. This advanced program gives you access to thousands of case studies, business ideas, SEO courses, and much more, so you have all the right tools to start your business available to you 24/7.

The experts at Starter Story have interviewed thousands of successful entrepreneurs to compile more than 3,500 founder case studies that you can use to inform your own decision-making. In each interview, founders tell you how they got started, how they scaled, and how they run their business today. While the interviews are meant partially as inspiration, they’re also practical guides on how to scale your business.

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Beyond the founder interviews, you’ll also get full access to 5,131 business ideas and data points including market size, revenue, costs, time to build, and more, to help you better understand just about any industry you launch into. There’s also a comprehensive database of more than 200 marketing tactics proven to help any business grow, and the ability to filter, search, and export the full database whenever you need.

Between high-quality tools, insights, inspiration, and more, Starter Story gives aspiring founders everything they need to build their business from the ground up. That’s why it’s earned a perfect 5-star rating from Product Hunt. Right now, you can get a lifetime subscription to Starter Story for just $99.99 for a limited time. You can also upgrade to a Premium Plus Plan for just $269.99.

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