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Kad naršymas Tarybos interneto svetainėje būtų kuo patogesnis, naudojame slapukus. Kai kurie slapukai naudojami suvestiniams statistiniams duomenims apie apsilankymus svetainėje gauti. Tai padeda mums nuolat tobulinti svetainę ir taip geriau tenkinti jūsų poreikius. Kiti slapukai naudojami svetainės efektyvumui didinti ir saugumui užtikrinti.

Jums leidus, naudosime „AT internet” slapukus suvestiniams anoniminiams duomenims apie lankytojų naršymą ir elgesį mūsų svetainėje gauti. Šiuos duomenis naudosime tam, kad jums būtų patogiau naršyti mūsų svetainėje.

Daugiau informacijos apie šiuos slapukus, apie tai, kaip ir kodėl juos naudojame ir kaip jūs galite pakeisti savo nustatymus, pateikta puslapyje apie mūsų slapukų politiką.

Daugiau Priimu slapukus Nepriimu slapukų register Register now!

You can register by clicking the button below.

You will receive the streaming link of the event, in a separate email.

How do I register?

To join us for the Career Day, you have to register in advance. Register online by clicking on the link below and you will receive the streaming link of the Zoom event, in a separate email.

What do I need in order to attend this event virtually?

To attend the virtual event you will need:

  • a computer (PC or laptop) / tablet / smartphone with access to the Internet,
  • a headset with microphone,
  • ideally, a webcam and being familiar with Zoom
  • Can I work for the Digital services of the Council only as an official (if I succeed an EPSO competition)?

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    Permanent job opportunities are covered by recruiting permanent officials either from other EU institutions or from reserve lists of successful candidates in open competitions.

    The GSC occasionally organises selection procedures for temporary agents, as well as employs a limited number of contract agents, selected either from candidates registered in EPSO’s CAST database or from reserve lists or databases compiled by other institutions.

    Where can I find out about job opportunities for the Council / EPSO competitions?

    For more information about job opportunities for the Council, please consult the page Working at the General Secretariat . You will find more information regarding the upcoming EPSO competition on the EPSO webpage Upcoming opportunities

    I am interested in working for the Council. To whom/where do I send my CV?

    All relevant information regarding the job opportunities at the Council can be found on the Working at the General Secretariat page.

    I do not have a university degree in computer science, can I still apply for a job in the Digital services of the Council (SMART)?

    In addition to a wide range of IT roles, new hires can also work in fields like HR, finance, communication, document management, business analysis – as both assistants and administrators.

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