Ebenezer Tetteh: Meet the Ghanaian SHS Graduate who paid his Fees from his Ice Cream Business

  • Ebenezer Tetteh ekes a living from selling ice cream at Tema Community 2 in the Greater Accra Region
  • The young senior high school graduate has shared how he had to sell ice cream to save towards paying for his examination fees
  • Tetteh spoke in an interview with Efo Selasi of Truly Ghanaiantv
  • Ebenezer Tetteh has not been spared the social stereotypes men in female-dominated businesses face, but he is striving towards success in his ice cream venture.

    Born in Tema Community 2 in the Greater Accra Region, Tetteh has lived predominantly with his mother, and he recalls financial hardships whilst attending school.

    Tetteh received his early education, including basic and junior high school in Tema, and went to New Juaben Senior High in Koforidua in the Eastern Region, but failed to obtain the best grades to further his education.

    Ebenezer Tetteh: Meet the Ghanaian SHS Graduate who paid his Fees from his Ice Cream Business Ebenezer Tetteh: Meet the Ghanaian SHS Graduate who paid his Fees from his Ice Cream Business. Photo credit: crabbimediaSource: UGC Fighting the odds

    Despite the cycle of financial constraints, coupled with the academic setback, he refused to throw in the towel.

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    The determined young man aimed to change his fortunes by gaining employment for his upkeep and resit his senior high school examination to improve his grades.

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    With unemployment on the rise for younger folks like himself, Tettehr had to resort to selling ice cream to raise money to pay his fees.

    Starting his ice cream business

    Ebenezer Tetteh told Efo Selasi of Truly Ghanaian TV that he was inspired by a young woman who sells ice cream at BBC in Tema Community 2 to start the business.

    ”One day I went to BBC at Tema Community 2 to watch a football tournament that was then going on and I saw a woman selling this ice cream. I said to myself, I’m well-known in this area so why don’t I start something like this and see if it will work.

    ”I went home and I discussed with my mother and she gave me capital to start, then we started; since then it’s been going well,” he said.

    Dealing with stereotype

    Tetteh admits that it’s not been an easy walk in the park because he gets negative comments about the inconsistent taste of the ice cream.

    ”I take their complaints and work on them.”

    Besides the complaints, he recounts that he gets negative remarks from some men, who often claim that selling ice cream is meant for women.

    Tetteh plans on returning to school to further his education at the tertiary level with money from his ice cream business.

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    Watch his full interview below:

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    In another story, Nii Akramah Tagoe is the definition of a fighter and resilience. From hawking to running a local kitchen, his grass to glory story is one that inspires.

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    Tagoe triumphed through the challenges and turned the lemons life offered him into lemonade.

    Source: Yen.com.gh

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