Dilbag Singh and Lovepreet Kaur has written a book on their journey of success

Dilbag Singh and Lovepreet Kaur

New Delhi [India], September 8 (ANI/ATK): The world is transforming into a digital one. To thrive in today’s environment, it has become critical to grasp how to use the Internet. The majority of people assess you or your success based on your online presence. As a result, it is critical to project a positive perception and a professional impression to your audience. Dilbag Singh and Lovepreet Kaur combined are a formidable force when it comes to the Internet and Social Media since they are professionals at boosting the reputations of individuals and businesses through different platforms.

The couple uses digital marketing as a weapon to improvise people’s careers and help them gain a loyal fan base. They work primarily on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, among other social media platforms. They have a combined viewership of approximately 15 million people across all of the platforms they work on. Their target markets are Canada and Punjab. Furthermore, their knowledge of these platforms enables them to make a comfortable living.

The duo is confident and optimistic about their work. Their dedication to each project as if it is their first has won the recognition and admiration of each of their clients. They put their whole heart and soul into every endeavour. Their ethical awareness motivates them to work for long periods of time without becoming weary. This duo is notable for being able to work tirelessly all day long. They come up with the best strategies to help their customers achieve results.

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Dilbag says that Digital Marketing was not a decision taken at the whim. It is a topic that had aroused his interest a long time back. In his college years, he was more interested in the digital realm than in his studies. He started working on social media only as a side gig. However, as his company grew, he lacked time for studies. So, to focus on his business full-time, he quit college. Dilbag chose the difficult path of abandoning his studies to pursue Digital Marketing full-time. Dilbag persevered and succeeded when the rest of the world was panic-stricken and worried about the outbreak in 2020. Lovepreet met Dilbag through social networking while pursuing her M.C.A. She professes to enjoy working with computers and is delighted. She enjoys the fact that she can make money doing what she loves.

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Dilbag Singh and Lovepreet Kaur are writing a new book on Social Media to help people understand what works and what does not on various platforms. In this book, they have talked about how to achieve success in Social Media. They have declared that the upcoming book will be first released in English. However, it will soon be available in other languages. Their purpose of writing this book was to help the newbies in the field as they believe ‘Knowledge shared is knowledge squared’.

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The duo is an example of pursuing one’s passion without remorse. They have made a name for themselves as YouTubers and Digital Marketers. Their passion for their work is what has propelled them to success and encourages them to keep going.

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