Digital signage: A powerful tool for business growth and success

Digital signage is not a new phenomenon. After the online advertising boom following the COVID-19 outbreak in late 2019, people are now returning to physical stores in numbers. And because consumers are so used to having flashing adverts follow them around the web as they continue to browse, it’s sparked a whole new era of visual advertising.

But as you can guess, it can be tricky to target consumers’ attention when most storefronts only show physical promotions and posters. Why? Because everyone else is doing the same thing. This is where digital signage becomes so powerful – not only as a means to promote your products or services, but also to stand out from a sea of sameness.


However, digital displays aren’t only reserved for retail stores. We see restaurant owners, corporate offices, and even shopping mall entrances embracing the trend. It has become an immensely popular way to advertise in public – but what are the business benefits of digital signage, apart from the obvious?

More options, more opportunities


Compared to other forms of advertising, digital signage empowers businesses to display more: more video, more product and service offerings, and more chances of capturing a walk-by customer’s attention. Because this method of advertising isn’t static, the possibilities are virtually endless. Do you have an online sale coming up? Or perhaps you have a sponsored event you’d like to promote? Pop it on an eye-catching digital display and wait for the interest to stream in.

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Increased flexibility and ease of use

While the idea of investing in digital advertising and its associated costs could deter you from jumping on the bandwagon, it gives you much more flexibility when new promotions or sales come around. Imagine having to print promotional material for every occasion and the time-consuming labour of putting it up or handing it to customers. Not to mention the dilemma if the printers somehow misspelt your business name!

On the other hand, with digital signage, it’s as easy as swapping out the deals and details and replacing them on a whim using your smartphone, tablet, or PC. Technology is making all facets of advertising so much easier. 

Enhanced customer interaction

More foot traffic means that your staff will probably be busier than ever. Instead of having your customers leave unattended and annoyed, a digital display could offer some level of entertainment while they wait to be served. Think of digital signage as an extra team of salespeople who are hard-selling your products without you having to lift a finger. And the best part? You are in complete control of what is displayed, so if you want to push a sale or make an important announcement to your customers, you have the power to do it.

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Additional revenue streams

Did you know that digital signage can actually make you money? Because you get to decide what and when you advertise, you can use third-party adverts to fill up your digital displays. Your business’s quiet periods are the ideal time to approach other business owners to advertise in your store or office. It’s a win-win for both parties. Plus, you’ll build and nurture valuable business relationships that can bring in even more rewards in the long run.

Impactful customer connections

Speaking of creating connections, digital signage also enables you to connect better with your customers by responding to their needs. Some innovative displays take this concept further by combining ambient temperatures with the time of day. These displays can serve customers ads for sunhats during the heat of the day or happy-hour specials at night. The potential to create personal relationships and tap into a whole new market segment is as easy as predicting what your customers want next.

Digital signage is now bigger, brighter, and more innovative than ever. Companies like LG are already investing in cutting-edge digital displays that boast 4K or OLED quality – a trend that’ll only continue into later years. Modern customers want personalised service, tailored offerings, and something new to excite them – digital signage is a great way to meet these needs in an intriguing way.

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