Digital Entrepreneur Alfredo Barulli On What Keeps Him Excited About Business

Life is nothing but a surprising turn of events every day. A person may start their career in a particular field and end up excelling in another. Alfredo Barulli, a digital entrepreneur, is an apt example of how a person can bring an enormous change in their life. Today, Alfredo is known as a successful digital marketing experience and founder and CEO of 10X Experts Agency. However, not many are aware of the journey that helped him climb the ladder of success.

Born in Massafra, Italy, from childhood, Alfredo has been a sports enthusiast. He participated in various competitions, got into fitness and bodybuilding, studied at International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) in Rome, and even worked as a Personal Trainer. In the field of fitness, Alfredo was thriving a lot. But one day, he got hired at a 5-Star hotel in Abu Dhabi for training which changed his life forever.

When Alfredo Barulli moved to Dubai, he started his training company. The business was going well, and one day, he got an offer to manage an expensive Spa. Alfredo took the offer and worked as Spa & Recreation Manager for the international hospitality firm. Eventually, digital marketing got his attention, especially after reading Russel Brunson’s best-seller ‘Dotcom secrets’. He worked at Russel’s billion-dollar company ‘ClickFunnel’, earned a lot and trained himself with every skill and expertise required in the marketing and advertising sector.

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After gaining all the experience from the best place, Alfredo Barulli started ’10X Experts Agency’. The entrepreneur shares, “We got flooded with requests from High Ticket Coaches and Consultants who hired us to build their sales funnels and run their advertising campaign: our job is to get high qualified clients for them on autopilot. At the same time, my traveling journey around the world was on, my followers on Instagram kept increasing as I was posting pictures from luxury hotels & resorts in tropical paradises around the world.”

A few years later, entrepreneur Alfredo Barulli opened another division, ‘Experts in Local’, for lead generation services. When asked what keeps him most excited about his business, Alfredo shares, “To be honest, the fact that every week I am sleeping in a different place. Every week I am in a different hotel or resort, enjoying the best of each tropical country I visit. I move to a different country every 6 months, according to hotel & resorts requests from that country. I move there so I can go to all the properties. At the same time my digital marketing agency runs almost on autopilot since I have a very reliable team for both my ventures.”

Talking about 10X Experts, the agency helps online coaches to stop chasing after leads and automatically fill up their calendar with high paying clients. It helps them to focus on getting better results instead of wasting time to find these clients. On the other hand, ‘Experts in Local’ helps people generate local leads for any business, whether a clinic or a real estate agency.

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