Commercial Real Estate Adopts Video Marketing: Why So?

The 2020 global pandemic really influenced the real estate world. Suddenly the well-established scheme of open houses and showings just stopped working, and the industry was almost expected to crash.

However, it turned out that people still need houses and apartments even in times of global illness. That’s why according to the latest industry surveys, 2021 in the USA and Canada was actually a year of rising both in sales and prices, despite the real estate agents’ inability to show off a property to potential buyers properly.

These accomplishments became possible thanks to the rise of real estate marketing videos that allowed people to see everything they needed to see in their future property without physically visiting it. Today we will look at types of video content that are now the new norm in commercial real estate marketing. We will explore how you can use it for sales or promoting your real estate business. Let’s go!

Virtual tours

Virtual tours were not news before the pandemic, but only when this thing hit the fan, almost everyone started incorporating them into the marketing strategy. Before, only the best property got a full 360 video tour, but now you can find such videos of many houses and apartments.

Now when you Google “how to make a virtual tour video,” you can find numerous tutorials dated this or the previous year. It shows people’s interest in this topic and the demand for virtual tours on the market.

Virtual tours help real estate agents save money and time. It is so much easier to give a link to a tour for a particular property than spend hours with buyers actually there. As for house buyers, they too can save their time and money because tours give them a clear vision of the potential property and whether it fits their standards.


Drones caused a revolution commensurate with the invention of color cinema. Today, using drones, we can see the places previously seen only from a helicopter or plane.

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In real estate, drones helped to take virtual tours to another level. Now a client can look at their future house from different angles, see the neighborhood, and find out about the slightest imperfections about the house’s outside appearance. Drones are just irreplaceable during lockdowns, so if you don’t use them still, we sincerely recommend you to start.

Listing Videos

Listing videos were always an essential part of real estate video marketing. They help agents showcase all advantages of a property and do it in a short 1-2 minute video. Although virtual tours are massive time savers compared to actual showings, people can still be too busy to look through them.

Here is where listing videos start shining. These videos are really easy to make: you just need to take house’s videos and pictures and montage video that will strike clients.

Live Streams

Live streams were this year’s huge hit in commercial real estate. If you think about it thoroughly, you will see that showing the property live to potential buyers is just a brilliant idea.

Just like with regular showings during a live stream, an agent can present a house, but here we don’t have a risk of catching a disease. Also, an agent can show the property to a bigger number of people at once, and that’s what a true time-saver here.


Educating your customers is really important, so making webinars, writing articles, and posting on social media sites should be as much part of the job as showings. You can create public videos about real estate or private only for customers: either way, you need to use this kind of marketing to promote your brand on the web.

You can also upload your webinars on Youtube, the most famous video platform in the world, to increase the exposure and client base.


Like webinars, vlogs, and Youtube videos, interviews can and should be a significant part of a real estate business’s marketing strategy. First of all, companies can present their employees and help people get to know them, thus making real estate agents closer to clients.

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Secondly, you can do interviews with important people in the industry to answer the burning questions, like “Is the industry right now in a bubble, and will it burst any time soon?”

The last type of interview you need to take is interviews with your past clients. These interviews will really help with the promotion of your brand and they are way better than simple comments on your website. They will help establish your reputation as an agent or a company and show what people think about working with you.

Neighborhood reviews

The neighborhood is a deciding factor in most property deals. You may love the house you’ve chosen, but it will be a deal breaker if it is located in a questionable neighborhood.

Video reviews of the neighborhoods should address almost every possible question a client can have about a property’s surroundings. In these videos, you need to speak about the amenities, closeness to particular places, and various positive aspects of a given place.

You need to rely on the place and its purpose itself when you plan these videos. For example, if you want to sell a house to a family, you need to emphasize parks, schools, stores, and playgrounds of the neighborhood. But, if you want to sell a modern loft to an independent single person, tell more about restaurants, bars, clubs, the sightseeings, etc.


As we now have established, using technologies in real estate means to keep up with the current situation on the market and generally be in trend.

Thanks to streams and the ability to take virtual tours, we didn’t see this industry dying in 2020. The future is with video marketing, so if you are still behind this trend, it is time to join.

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