Chubby Beats Shares Secrets to Business Success


Namibian artist Chubby Beats, real name Toto Ndameshime, has added ‘title deed owner’ to his name – a rare move in the Namibian creative space.

From selling water on the streets of Windhoek, the Chubby brand has grown to include food and beverages, a clothing brand, cleaning solutions and a marketing agency.

Brand owner and former member of male group Magogos, producer and entrepreneur Ndameshime shares his recipe for success, saying financial discipline is key – something many creatives lack.

“Don’t let anyone tell you it’s impossible. I sell water for a living, and many other products. I bought my own land by selling water on the streets of Windhoek every day. Never give up, and keep fighting throughout the struggle. Being innovative and able to spot a business opportunity is another important factor, he says.

The dancer says many creatives treat their business as a hobby, which leads to no growth.

“Don’t treat your business as a hobby to gain money just to spend it on entertaining friends, and end up not building your career. Set up multiple income streams, because looking cool won’t pay for your studio time, feed your kids, or build your dream home,” he says.

Ndameshime, who entered the game in 2006, recalls being told that music won’t take him anywhere. This is a misconception, he says.

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“Hard work can make you successful in any industry. I have built everything I have from the ground. I had to learn a lot on the go and put in countless hours. I set clear goals and targets, and built on an execution plan, with strong affirmations I read up to three times a day,” he says.

Ndameshime says he believes his journey has only started, and urges creatives to never give up.

“Never stop believing in your dreams, no matter how long it takes. Keep fighting, even if they laugh at or mock you, or say negative words. In the end you’ll emerge victorious,” he says.

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