Chennai ranks 2nd among greenest cities for real estate in India

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In a recent study by property consultant Knight Frank, Chennai ranked second among Indian cities and 224th globally as the greenest city for real estate.

As per the report, London, Shangai, New York, Paris and Washington DC are the world’s top five green cities and New Delhi tops among the Indian cities.

“Globally ranked 63rd, Delhi is the greenest city for real estate in India. Followed by Chennai with a global rank of 224, Mumbai with a global rank of 240, Hyderabad with a global rank of 245, Bengaluru with a global rank of 259 and Pune with a global rank of 260,” PTI quoted Knight Frank as saying in a statement.

It was noted that in its research, the consultant measured 286 cities on a range of factors, such as well-developed public transport networks, urban green space and a high number of green-rated buildings.

Speaking to, Srinivas Anikipatti, senior director of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, Knight Frank India, briefed about what kind of measures they take to rank the cities.

“It is based on carbon emission. It starts with the infrastructure of the city, which basically depends upon the road network and public transportation. One may wonder what the connection is. Public transportation reduces the number of cars and bikes on the road and that reduces carbon emission. In Chennai, all the areas are well connected with networks like MRTS, Metro, buses, local trains and there is also a heavy network of minibuses which is crucial for the last-mile connection,” he said.

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He further added, “The second part is the green cover. In Chennai, we have large pockets of green covers like Loyola College, Madras Christian College in the northern part, Anna University, IIT in the Central area and Theosophical society, which helps the green cover. Third, all the Open Space Regulations (OSR) have been taken over by the Chennai Corporation and they are turning them into parks which increases green cover. And then comes the green buildings. Naturally, due to the heat prevailing in Chennai, most of the buildings are covered with solar panels,” he said.

Srinivas added that Chennai is improving at a much quicker rate in comparison with other metropolitan cities in terms of green coverage. “The road network is well developed in Chennai and that is the reason you don’t see much traffic here in comparison with Bengaluru or Hyderabad although it has more vehicles plying on the road than those cities,” he said.

He added that there is a clear drive from the citizens as well and said in thickly-populated areas, the focus is generally more on development but here, due importance has been given to increasing the green cover as well.

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