An In-Depth Look into Giovanti Humphries’ Rise to Success Against All Odds

Giovanti Humphries is a successful entrepreneur in the legal cannabis market. Giovanti owns and manages one of the fastest-growing brands in the California cannabis industry. A qualified financial professional, Giovanti has also spent part of his career consulting and fulfilling the chief financial officer (CFO) role for some of the largest cannabis companies in California.

Giovanti is a first-generation American of Mexican, Native American, and German descent. He was raised by his grandmother, who was a single first-generation American. He grew up alongside his six brothers and sisters, who he had to care for as their family was not well off. Giovanti says they didn’t have much in life, and the family relied on government programs and government housing.

Despite the many hardships and challenges, Giovanti managed to rise against all odds to succeed. He was the first in his family to go to college and the first to receive a post-graduate degree when he got his MBA at the age of 23. His academic triumph was a clear indication of a better, promising, and successful future ahead.

True to his dreams, Giovanti has grown to outdo his own expectations, commanding success in the various industries he has been involved in. He went from being homeless at a point in his life to becoming the youngest person to graduate in his class. His career is also full of notable accomplishments, including becoming the senior vice president at Wells Fargo, vice-president at City National Bank, and consulting for some of the largest cannabis companies in California as the CFO. Giovanti has also grown to establish his own company, and today he is a successful entrepreneur in the industry.

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With ambitions to grow his dominance in the market, Giovanti wants to have a global cannabis conglomerate that incorporates brands, technology, finance, and venture capital for new entrepreneurs. This will create a platform for other aspiring entrepreneurs to learn from the best while building their legal cannabis businesses. His dream is to scale his business by maintaining the current growth rate and hopefully generating over $10 million in sales in the next five years. Additionally, Giovanti wants to leverage his knowledge in real estate to grow a portfolio of high-end rental properties and developments across the world.

“I also hope to bring opportunities to people who want to be involved in cannabis but don’t have access to resources or are from marginally affected communities disproportionately affected by cannabis laws,” adds Giovanti

His advice to leaders across the different industries is that they learn and appreciate the importance of investing in people. Giovanti believes people are the most important aspect of your company’s success. To him, having the right people doing the right things translates to success, as everything will fall into place. More significantly, Giovanti calls for precise and objective execution of the strategies and plans you put into place. He says that how you execute your strategies sets people apart. It does not matter how good your ideas are if you don’t execute them well – everything boils down to execution.

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