5 at 5: Your Daily Digest for Real Estate Investing, 10/20/21

Energy woes and real estate, Howard Hughes does Phoenix, Amazon’s Astro robot, Cushman & Wakefield makes a move, deferred maintenance could do in some hotel owners.

Today on Millionacres

Will the Current Energy Crisis Impact Real Estate?

Through a real estate investing lens, our Liz Brumer takes a look at the situation in Europe and how what’s happening there could also happen on our side of the pond.

The Millionacres takeaway: Perhaps energy shortages and costs aren’t the first thing on your checklist of factors to consider, Liz writes, but when comparing which market to enter, maybe this can help sway your decision one way or another.

This Real Estate Stock Just Made a Huge Sun Belt Move

Howard Hughes (NYSE: HHC) is a developer of master-planned communities, and while it has invested heavily in its communities in recent years, the portfolio hasn’t seen much geographic expansion in a few years. But that just changed.

The Millionacres takeaway: Our Matt Frankel has been intrigued by this real estate investment trust (REIT) for some time now, and he explains here why he’s downright dazzled by this big plunge into the Phoenix pool.

Amazon’s Astro Robot: An Opportunity for Landlords?

The Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) Astro robot is being marketed to homeowners, but real estate investors can use it, too. The dog-like robot can bring you a drink (or other objects), deliver messages and reminders, and play an Amazon Prime show or video call on its 10-inch screen. It also can do surveillance.

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The Millionacres takeaway: Our Laura Agadoni looks at the advantages and drawbacks of this new technology and finds the latter tipping the scale from the landlord perspective right now. But even those who feel that way, she points out, can buy stock in the company that makes and offers them.

Also in Today’s News

Cushman & Wakefield to Buy 40% Stake in Greystone Multifamily Business for $500 Million

Commercial real estate services giant Cushman & Wakefield (NYSE: CWK) has agreed to pay $500 million for a 40% stake in the rental apartment lending and loan servicing business owned by Greystone & Co.,The Wall Street Journal reports today [subscription required].

The Millionacres takeaway: The WSJ report calls this expansion by Cushman into the business of making and servicing loans to buyers and owners the latest sign of strength in the apartment industry.

Depleted Reserves, Delayed Renovations Could Finally Force Hotel Owners to Sell

Lodging executives at a Bisnow summit [article is subscription required] say that deferred renovations, and the pressure to do something about it from brand owners, may soon force hotel owners to start selling properties that had otherwise survived the pandemic.

The Millionacres takeaway: A wave of sales could have ramifications – good, bad, or neutral – on investors in hotel REITs, just for starters. Stay tuned.

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